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.The Magaziner combines the worlds of light, live and reading in a synthesis of lamp and furniture accessoire.

This unique ball bearing is covered with a layer of chrome and presents itself as a unique design element and eye catcher. As formerly created by Leonardo da Vince here his "moving development" - literally spoken - provides a perfect esthetical presentation of illumination and objects. Designed in a strikingly unique style, it symbolizes not only functionality but furthermore combines simplicity and ingenuity and so most significantly renders homage to technology.

The Magaziner illuminates the room evenly and brilliantly without dazzling. Two cones of solid satinized glass in combination with advanced light technology create the perfect ambience and also demonstrate a contemporary solution.

The top of the Magaziner is revolvable – while turning with bright illumination - magazines and brochures are being presented in a most appealing way. The classical dilemma of previous models – high clarity and variability in combination with a minimum of space requirement – is solved by this patented new development using a fan-shaped arrangement of the journals.


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